COOL TOUCH – excellent energy performance

COOL TOUCH equipment ensures maximum quality and comfort at minimum cost.

  • A unique programming system allows the user to configure the COOL TOUCH equipment to operate at specific times, reducing power consumption by up to 80%.
  • The special control unit offers a convenient programming mode, allowing you to configure the operating hours so that the equipment shuts itself down at nights and weekends, greatly reducing power consumption whilst retaining the safety and quality of water.
  • COOL TOUCH uses high-efficiency thermal insulation technologies. The hot water container is insulated using a state-of-the-art heat-saving technology, so the container is reliably protected and capable of retaining heat for extended periods, thus saving more power.
  • Based on the cutting-edge USS technology, the COOL TOUCH motion sensor operates in three modes: the standby mode, the semi-ready mode, and the basic operation mode.