COOL TOUCH – nature and environment-friendly

COOL TOUCH is made of nature and environment-friendly materials.

  • The COOL TOUCH production processes and technologies are particularly ecologically safe and friendly towards nature and the environment.
  • The materials used for the production of COOL TOUCH equipment are nature-friendly and recyclable (glass, aluminium).
  • The R-134a coolant is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).
  • COOL TOUCH can be directly connected to the water supply line, so you will not have to buy water in plastic bottles any more. Elimination of the need to transport and store bottles and use excess packaging is yet another contribution to the cause of nature and environment protection.
  • The equipment has a high energy performance index; by making the most of its energy saving capabilities, it helps preserve natural resources.
  • Using COOL TOUCH, you always have access to fresh and safe high-quality drinking water. You will get as much water as you need, with no limitations whatsoever.
  • Premises that have no water supply line connections can be fitted with COOL TOUCH equipment that features removable standard 18.9 litre bottles.

By choosing environmentally friendly goods and services, you care for yourself, the people around you, and the future!