COOL TOUCH sizes and colours

COOL TOUCH – individual solutions to suit your preferences and interior.

  • Sizes
    The reserved, elegant design of COOL TOUCH equipment allows it to fit neatly into any interior, whether it is a large space or a small office. You can always select the optimum size of your equipment, adequate to your needs and the size of the room.
  • Colours
    COOL TOUCH model frames are made of aircraft-grade aluminium. The available range includes both the unpainted matted silver aluminium tone and frames painted with a special technology, coating the aluminium surface with matted black or golden paint. These colours emphasize the equipment's pure neatness and the aristocratic excellence of its design.
  • Individual design
    If the client wishes, COOL TOUCH equipment can be customised with an individual visual solution.
  • The innovative design of COOL TOUCH equipment has been developed by a professional team of Scandinavian designers. The equipment is thought-out to the slightest detail; the design consists of an elegant aluminium frame with a glass panel and a touch-screen display that allows interactive control over the functions of the equipment. Our equipment is distinguished by compactness and convenience of use.