SPARKLING SPRING service and warranties

  • Delivery and installation of COOL TOUCH equipment.
  • Express tap water testing for chemical composition.
  • Recommendations for optimal water solutions.
  • Full equipment maintenance throughout the entire duration of the contract.

The SPARKLING SPRING Service Department provides technical maintenance and repairs of all COOL TOUCH equipment.

  • Regular preventive maintenance.

COOL TOUCH equipment requires additional sanitary treatment in the following cases:

  • if the unit is used with any product different than those supplied by SPARKLING SPRING;
  • in case of repairs or spring cleaning in the room where the equipment is located;
  • if the COOL TOUCH BOTTLED equipment is left without a water bottle for a considerable amount of time (24 hours or more);
  • if the COOL TOUCH UNLIMITED equipment has been out of use for over 10 days.
  • Convenient service payment schedule.
  • Delivery of additional products.
  • Special deliveries provided.