• COOL TOUCH – innovative, new-generation drinking water equipment. This is the safest, cutting-edge solution for providing offices or industrial premises with clean drinking water.
  • COOL TOUCH offers carbonated (CO2), cooled (10 °С), and hot water (92 °С).
  • COOL TOUCH is compact and convenient, with a touch-screen display and an elegant aluminium frame, made of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials – aluminium and glass.
  • COOL TOUCH equipment features an innovative built-in ozone generation system THUNDERGUARDTM, which prevents the development of microorganisms and viruses in drinking water. This technology has been patented by the European Patent Office.

Protected with ozone, water retains the salts and minerals essential for a human organism. Ozone-based drinking water protection is the safest and most efficient available water protection method, which is also environmentally friendly.

Extra safety is provided through the usage of the Water Stop system, which prevents uncontrolled leaks of water, a single outlet valve, the carbon dioxide (CO2) level, and pressure control system with a warning signal, as well as other warning indicators.

COOL TOUCH ensures great energy performance. Motion sensors and a unique programming system allow configuring the operation of the cooler as needed, thus greatly reducing power. An innovative touch-screen display provides interactive control over the functionality of the equipment and current information about its status. COOL TOUCH equipment uses efficient thermal insulation technologies, which help reduce power consumption.